Graphic Design Resources 2

For years, as a graphic designer I have benefited from the enormous amount of resources available for graphic design community today via the Internet. Not long ago I decided to start giving back. While libraries are nothing new, they’ve have been around for a while now and to this day remains an efficient method for easy access to frequently used items.
Creating a library in InDesign CS is very easy. First, you open InDesign. Then click the File menu, select new and move down to library and that’s it! Start dragging elements into the library and you’re good to go. They’ll be there for safe keeping whenever you need them.

The libraries I provide are free for downloading. Only one restriction and that is that you may not redistribute them for profit. Otherwise, use them however you’d like. I hope their helpful resources people can take advantage of to aid in their design projects.

Feel free to leave comments and even requests. If I can do something, I will. I’ve posted links to more libraries in previous articles I’ve written but the whole collection can be found at You need only click the link “Free Downloads” and you’ll be taken to the whole lot. And while you’re there, sign up for the email list. You’ll receive periodic email messages from Designer Row regarding new freebies, special announcements and other events of interest.